Emilia Clarke supports the cultural industry afro-american !


Emilia Clarke is committed more than ever, at the time of the Black Lives Matter. The renowned actress is promoting african-american culture.

Emilia Clarke joined the list of artists who want to make all the difference. In fact, the actress known in Game of Thrones highlights the industry afro-american. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

While the community of Instagram door movement “Black Lives Matter “the stars also are committed. As Emilia Clarke indeed.

The one that has been playing for nearly 10 years, the mother of dragons, defends his convictions with fervor. And she proves, through his last post on IG.

In it, the actress claims that industry a little neglected. It is, therefore, a way of valuing the african-american presence in in the industry of the 7th art !

Emilia Clarke wants to highlight the work of people of color, too long put aside. It is thus expressed on the subject, in the caption of his post.

“It is important for each of us in the industry to encourage and participate to the discovery and support of creators blackshe wrote. “More than today, this week, that this moment, this is for our collective future. The life of the black account “we read that in pursuing his post.

Emilia Clarke sheds light on the cultural industry afro-american !

Emilia Clarke sheds light on the cultural industry afro-american !

Emilia Clarke: an ideal ally in the american cause ?

Also, Emilia Clarke has added : “the voice of black people must be heard. We need to see a change and see it on the long term “.

In his post, the star of the small screen unveils many of the collective, festivals and networks moving in this direction. As the movement of african american women in cinema.

You can also see the asso’ for screenwriters blacks. It also puts forward media, such as Shadow and Catthat promotes the film african-american.

It is, in sum, a beautiful message that we book Emilia Clarke. It adds, moreover, that these artists are black “have not arisen out of nowhere in the night : they deserve attention on the long-term “.

This is well said ! Words of wisdom on the part of an actress recognized at the international level.



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