Emilia Clarke talks about Daenerys and the end of Game of Thrones !


Emilia Clarke just mentioned the fate of Daenerys, mother of dragons, the character that she portrayed in the successful series : Game of Thrones.

Fans of Game of Thrones have had to make their farewells to the series ‘ characters, including one ofEmilia Clarke. This last embodied by then Daenerys, she mentions it in an interview. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Emilia Clarke wowed the world with his role rather iconic in Game of Thrones. There, she played Daenerys, strong, proud, and combative.

Fans who have followed the series from A to Z know then the fate of Emilia Clarke on the screen… In fact, SPOILER ALERT, in a plot twist of master, the beautiful Khaleesi had to pass the weapon to the left.

And this was not to the taste many fans of Game of Thrones, which did elsewhere not like the final of the series. For its part, the interested main spoke of his reaction to his fate in an interview, cited by Play Crazy Game.

Apparently, the actress was “shocked “ of the learn. “I had absolutely not seen it coming “would have she said.

In reading the script, Emilia Clarke has so found that his character was going to die. But not that !

Game of Thrones: Emilia Clarke would have had a hard time getting used to the death of Daenerys

The most shocking part of it was to learn that it was going to be murdered by the man she lovesnamely, Jon Snow. That of adventures !

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“I cried “, would she have admitted to in this interview. “And I went for a walk. I left the house, I took my keys, my phone, and I came back with blisters on our feet “, would have said Emilia Clarke on the tone of the story.

And then, Emilia Clarke is mode actress and wondered how she would interpret this. On his side, Kit Haringtonhis co-star on screen has also réagi in a similar manner.

Before you read the last lines of the script, the actor who portrays Jon Snow has “looked at Emilia Clarke and there’s a moment where I understood ; ‘no, no…’ “. What Daenerys repliednot without sadness : “if “.