Emily Ratajkowski nostalgic for an evening with Kendall Jenner!

Emily Ratajkowski just wowed her fans. On the Web, the star relayed an incredible shot of her with Kendall Jenner!

Emily Ratajkowski seems to regret the biggest events on the fashion planet. Via her Instagram story, the pretty brunette posted a nice photo of her with Kendall Jenner… And the duo is mind-blowing.

Like many stars, Emily Ratajkowski is very active on social networks. She enjoys interacting with her followers on Twitter as much as on Instagram.

She also does the show on TikTok. And her followers are always on the lookout when she posts something.

Last I heard, everything’s going well for Emily Ratajkowski. Before long, the pretty brunette will welcome her first child!

At the moment, no one knows the sex of her future baby. But for “Vogue” last October, the supermodel had indulged in her feelings of the future mom.

“When my husband and I told our friends that I was pregnant, their first question after saying “congratulations” was, “You know what you want (a girl or a boy)?” said the pretty brunette.

But also: “They were told that we didn’t want to know the sex of our child until she was 18 and that we would let them know at that time. Everyone laughed.”

Because of the pandemic, Emily Ratajkowski also had to put some of her projects on stand-by. On Tuesday, February 9, the businesswoman seemed in a nostalgic mood. The proof in pictures!


Yes, Emily Ratajkowski relayed a nice photo of herself with Kendall Jenner via her Instagram story. With their looks, the two stars are also stunning.

Obviously, this shot was taken two years ago during the Versace show for the presentation of the Spring/Summer 2019 collection. The Hadid sisters had been there to survey Donatella’s catwalks.

That year, the Vergara couple also made the trip to attend the show. We understand them!

To date, Emily Ratajkowski is one of the highest-paid models of the moment. All the biggest labels want to work with her.

The marketing teams understood that her image was sold! In parallel to all this, the star also manages her own brand “Inamorata”.

Over the years, the pretty brunette has built a real empire. The year 2021 is going to be full of projects for the star!

But above all, she’s going to focus on her role as a mom. On the Web, the pretty brunette likes to reveal the evolution of her baby bump.

In all her photos, the young woman appears fulfilled and very radiant. And her happiness is a pleasure for the eyes!

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