Emily Ratajkowski nude on Instagram she compares herself to Winnie the Pooh!

Emily Ratajkowski took the pose completely naked to show off her huge baby bump. And the result is very impressive!

Emily Ratajkowski can’t believe it! His baby bump is starting to get very rounded! The star took the nude pose to show her body of “Winnie the Pooh”! We’re showing you!

Since the announcement of her pregnancy, Emily Ratajkowski continues to appear on the Web! Indeed, the supermodel is completely under the spell of her new body. And she doesn’t hesitate to show her evolution to her fans!

The pretty brunette has not lost her good habits during her pregnancy. She continues to wear very sexy outfits and even appears in mini-bikini as before. We love it!

Emily Ratajkowski shares her metamorphosis with her fans. Every week, the It Girl improvises a little shoot to show off her rounded belly.

The American star is very proud of her new forms as a young mom. She has just started her 8th month and does not miss any opportunity to highlight her baby bump!

Yesterday, the influencer hit very hard! And for good reason: she decided to undress to show her body to her fans. And the result is pretty impressive!

Emily Ratajkowski also made a hilarious comparison when discovering her baby bump XXL. Indeed, the young woman has the impression of looking like Winnie the Pooh with such a silhouette!


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Once is not custom, Emily Ratajkowski did not hesitate to remove her clothes on Instagram. The bomb took the pose completely naked in front of his mirror.

The star then reveals her uncomplicated figure. And the least we can say is that its belly has grown a lot!

Emily Ratajkowski has a very rounded baby bump and a generous chest. And the mother-to-be hardly recognizes herself in her mirror anymore!

Indeed, the sulphurous brunette has made some small confidences to her fans. She admits: “Sometimes I feel like Winnie the Pooh! Other days, I wake up feeling like a fertile desse with pretty buttocks.”

“I felt very beautiful when I took this picture! And I know that this belly will soon be missed.”

No doubt: the It Girl is a fan of her forms as a young mom. And that’s why the star never hesitates to show off naked to show off her new body!

As always, Emily Ratajkowski’s photograph had the effect of a bomb on the Web. More than 2 million Internet users like the naked photo of the mother-to-be. Incredible!

The star also received hundreds of compliments from her fans. And they are unanimous: the pregnancy is going to delight her!

So it’s still a no-fault for the mom-to-be! Even 8 months pregnant, the bomb continues to put everyone in agreement with her sexy photos!

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