Emily Ratajkowski reveals her baby a little more on Instagram!

Emily Ratajkowski is bitten by her son. The American model has revealed her baby a little more on her Instagram account.

Emily Ratajkowki is a real mother hen. The model with millions of followers shared a new photo of her adorable baby.


Emily Ratajkowski is a big fan of her little Sylvester. On a regular basis, the young mother posts tender pictures of her adorable son.

Last March, the supermodel, and her darling Sebastien Bear-McClard welcomed their first child. A little boy named Sylvester.

“Sly arrived on March 8, 2021, during the most supernatural, beautiful, and loving morning of my life,” Emily Ratajkowski wrote via social media. A post liked more than 5 million times.

Since then, the young woman has flooded her Insta feed with photos of her and her son. The young New Yorker, who decided to spend her months of pregnancy in Los Angeles, is more fulfilled than ever. And it shows.

And it shows. Because when EmRata doesn’t post, she shares photos and videos in her Story. Instagram has become the pretty brunette’s favorite social network. That’s all it is.

A few hours ago, Emily Ratajkowski shared a new photo of her son. This time, we see it a little more than usual.


In just a few weeks, Emily Ratajkwoski has also managed to regain her wasp size! She was recently seen on the streets of New York with her instant abs.

In her latest photos posted on Instagram, the American supermodel keeps taking pictures with her baby. So she recently unveiled a photo of her breastfeeding.

On April 8, Emily Ratajkowki celebrated on the Web the other months of her baby, Sylvester. Via her Instagram story, she obviously posted some images of the festivities.

So we see her hugging her son. In another shot shared in the aftermath, it was her husband, Sebastian Bear-McClard, who began to give up his care.

In addition to being an active super mom, Emily Ratajkowski also has to focus on her other activities. They take him a lot of time. The proof!

Indeed, for those who do not know, the starlet has created her brand of lingerie and swimwear, Inamorata. And she always puts the package to impress her fans with ever more spectacular collections.

A few days ago, the young woman put everyone in agreement with her latest Instagram post. To do this, she did not hesitate to pose with one of the last swimsuits of her bikini collection. Enough to make her fans blush. More than 27 million of them are already following it. That’s all it is.

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