Emily Ratajkowski reveals her baby’s room to her fans!

Emily Ratajkowski has just made her community happy! Via her Instagram story, the star immortalized her future baby’s bedroom.

Soon, Emily Ratajkowski will welcome her first child! Being very close to her followers, the pretty brunette also shared some images of her baby’s room to come. You’ll see, you might crack.

For several years, Emily Ratajkowski has been one of the world’s leading figures in fashion! She also saw her notoriety explode with a notable appearance in the music video: “Blurred Lines” by Robin Thicke.

Very comfortable with her femininity, she fully assumes her sex appeal. “My mother taught me never to apologize for my sexuality. My father never made me feel embarrassed,” said Emily Ratajkowski for “InStyle” in 2015.

But also: “Besides, I don’t think I ever considered my body to be super sexual. It was just my body. It always amazes me that a naked woman’s body elicits such controversial reactions in our cultures.”

Like many stars, the businesswoman is also very active on the Web.

Especially on Instagram. On this social network, the model also has more than 27 million subscribers!

Last I heard, everything’s fine for her. Soon, Emily Ratajkowski will welcome her first child!

On the Web, her followers conduct the investigation to find out more about the date of her birth. But one of the few things the star has just revealed is her baby’s room to come. The proof!


As you can see from her story Instagram, Emily Ratajkowski is clearly looking forward to her babydoll! We understand that.

And she also put the small dishes in the big ones to prepare her arrival as best as possible! For her baby’s room to come, the star opted for a small cradle that looks very cozy.

And that’s not all. Emily Ratajkowski has also bought and received as a gift many small books that she will enjoy reading and discovering with her future toddler.

No doubt the star will be a real hen mom! Last October, the businesswoman had indulged without a filter on her pregnancy.

“When my husband and I told our friends that I was pregnant, their first question after saying “congratulations” was, “You know what you want (a girl or a boy)?” the model explained for Vogue.

But also: “They were told that we didn’t want to know the sex of our child until she was 18 and that we would let them know at that time. Everyone laughed.”

Totally fulfilled in her private life, Emily Ratajkowski enjoys sharing her happiness with her fans! And everyone can’t wait to discover her baby’s little porridge coming!

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