Emily Ratajkowski shares never-before-seen photos of her birth!

Emily Ratajkowski’s fans are going to be thrilled! The star has just shared some very intimate photos of her birth. We’re showing you!

Emily Ratajkowski decided to share very intimate memories of the birth of her baby. Indeed, the star has unveiled unpublished shots of her birth to her fans. We’ll let you find out more in the article!

Emily Ratajkowski is currently living on a small cloud! Indeed, the supermodel has just welcomed her first child on March 8th.

The star announced the big news to her fans on Instagram 2 days after giving birth. The young woman then posed breastfeeding her baby, declaring: “Sylvester Apollo Bear has just joined us”

“Sly arrived on March 8, 2021, during the most supernatural, beautiful, and the loving morning of my life”

Neither one nor two, so the photo of the star went around the planet! It must be said that Internet users have been eagerly awaiting the birth of their child for many months!

Emily Ratajkowski has made a habit of sharing her pregnancy on social media. Indeed, the star bombarded the Web with pictures of his baby bump in recent weeks. Her pregnancy was therefore at the heart of the news!

Today, the young mother has been much more discreet since Silverster’s arrival. Indeed, the star prefers to fully enjoy his small family before showing up on the Web.

The star still reserved a nice surprise by sharing never-before-seen photos of the birth of her child. A way to relive this magical memory with his fans!


The star posted a nice message to review her birth. She wrote in the caption: “Between the thrusts and the first moments with Sly. Life! ».

Emily Ratajkowski accompanied her publication with 5 very intimate photos taken at the maternity ward. We can then discover it in the middle of work with an oxygen mask on the face.

The it-girl then shows her first shots with her newborn. The star seems exhausted but very happy to meet her baby for the first time.

Internet users were very moved to discover this moment in photos. More than 1.3 million like the star’s photo. Incredible!

But that’s not all! Emily Ratajkowski also received thousands of compliments from her fans and star friends. “Bravo,” “Full of happiness to you,” You’re a beautiful mom! Welcome to little Sly,” reads one of the reactions!

No doubt, the pretty brunette made a lot of happiness by giving her news! It remains to be seen if the star plans to share more photos with her baby!

Anyway, the bomb hasn’t finished making a name for itself with Sylvester’s arrival! At D1SoftBall News we can’t wait to find out more about the little piece of cabbage! Not you?

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