Emily Ratajkowski topless to unveil her baby bump on Instagram!

Emily Ratajkowski has just unveiled a topless photo of herself via her Instagram story! A photo where you could see the cute baby bump!

Emily Ratajkowski made a splash on Instagram! Indeed, the sublime supermodel of 29 years has unveiled a nice photo of her baby bump!

Since she revealed her pregnancy, the beautiful Emily Ratajkowski has been sharing the most beautiful photos on Instagram! Indeed, as she posts photos, her belly is rounded more and more!

A pleasure for its millions of subscribers who love to see the evolution of the first pregnancy of the star! So they must have been thrilled yesterday, Friday, February 12, 2021!

And for good reason, the beautiful Emily Ratajkowski has unveiled a beautiful photo of her topless! A shot on which we could see the beautiful brunette take the topless pose while she held a pretty flower in her hands!

A sublime, very artistic shot that we let you discover below! This is, of course, a screenshot of the story of the beautiful Emily! Watch your eyes…


A few days ago, Emily Ratajkowski made a hit on Instagram! And for good reason, the beautiful brunette pregnant for the first time unveiled a photo of her naked! A sublime black and white shot that her fans loved!

“I am incredibly grateful to have this special moment in my life captured by my dream collaborators and [email protected] Thank you!! I was 33 weeks pregnant in this photo,” wrote beautiful Emily!

A post that has accumulated more than a million likes… But also thousands of comments… A real record! D1softball news invites you to read some adorable messages from Internet users who have not been at all stingy with compliments! Quite the opposite…

« Too beautiful Emily Ratajkowski! “Oh my God…” That crazy body, even pregnant! “So solar this woman, pregnancy really fits you like a charm! You can see that this pregnancy makes you happy! »

Or: “Not all women are so beautiful pregnant… And now I have to say that Emily is the most beautiful pregnant woman I’ve ever seen! This baby bump is just adorable! So reads on the 29-year-old’s social network!

Comments all more positive than the other! An enthusiasm that the mother-to-be should appreciate! Indeed, her fans always respond to compliment each of her photos … Especially since the supermodel is pregnant!

“Sometimes I feel like Winnie the Pooh in human form. Other times, I feel like a fertility goddess with pretty buttocks,” said the beautiful Emily about her pregnancy!

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