Emily Ratajkowski unveils her baby bump XXL in a casual look!

New buzz for the mom-to-be! Emily Ratajkowski aka Emrata reveals her baby pump XXL in a casual look and freaks out her fans!

Bomb alert! A few hours ago, Emily Ratajkowski unveiled her XXL baby pump in a casual look on her Instagram account and delighted her fans!

Decidedly, the beautiful Emily Ratajkowski does not stop to put us full of sight on the networks! And for good reason… the model is unanimous with her bomb body and her devastating pout!

Unsurprisingly, since she announced her pregnancy, she keeps making the buzz! Followed by more than 27 million fans on her account Instagram, they love to follow her new mom-to-be’s daily life!

And to the delight of the fans, Emily Ratajkowski makes it good! Indeed, every day, the beauty shares several shots of her: dinner in love, a new outfit, walks with her dog Colombo, baby bump, … It’s all there!

Her millions of followers on her Instagram account have nothing to be bored, especially since the pretty brunette is not cold-eyed! To share her pregnancy with us, she does not hesitate to reveal pictures of herself totally naked! She knows how to turn up the temperature!

Today, therefore, is no exception to the rule! Emrata shows us her baby pump XXL but in a casual look that suits her to delight! Look at:


Pregnant with her first child, Emily Ratajkowski is inundated with many messages of love from her fans every day! Unsurprisingly, the pregnancy suits her perfectly and she does not hesitate to show us on her Instagram account!

Indeed, Emrata still has her phone not far from her. To the delight of fans, the young woman shares many shots of her daily life on the web! And even if she decided to put her foot up to take care of her, she still remains present for her subscribers!

Today, the pretty brunette reveals her outfit of the day! For a casual Sunday, she opted for a black top that brings out her pretty baby pump XXL!

But that’s not all! Paired with ultra-comfy black pants, she completes her outfit with a wide beige blazer! As usual, Emily Ratajkowski is once again all good!

And yes, it’s not for nothing that every outfit of the beautiful is observed and copied by the fans! Unsurprisingly! The model perfectly mixes comfy and casual pieces for an ultra, ultra-hot rendering!

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