Today is the day: the highly anticipated duet by  Emma and  Alessandra Amoroso entitled “Piece of the heart” is outBefore I tell you more about the song, you should definitely listen to it below!

“Piece of Heart” is a dialogue between two women, two friends, with two paths and two different personalities but both always looking for the truth of their emotions. The song, in fact, speaks of precisely this: to find the right way to experience feelings in an authentic way, starting from one’s love for oneself.

On the occasion of the release of this collaboration expected by fans for more than 10 years, Emma and Alessandra held a press conference in live streaming where they explained how the song was born.

“The desire to make a song with Alessandra had been in the air for some years now – explains Emma –   I wanted to do something to start 2021 with a feeling of healthy optimism, a restart with enthusiasm. So I called Stardust and I passed all my thoughts to him. When the song was almost finished I sent it via WhatsApp to Alessandra with the words ‘Obviously I don’t think you can say no to me’ “, he laughs” The song was born by chance, without our record companies, she was born cooked and eaten. ‘Do you want to make a song? Yes. Ok, let’s go out’ “.

“This piece of heart is next to me – Alessandra replies referring to her colleague and friend – I would never have pulled back because it is a will that we both had. When I listened to the song I immediately thought of a dialogue between me and her.”

About the meaning of the single Emma explains:

” Piece of the heart is a universal song. Singing it together was easy, to do it you need to know how to listen to each other. Alessandra and I in our being different we know how to listen to each other. Piece of the heart is a story that concerns everyone.  Autobiographical up to a certain point. . Who has never wondered about love? When you learn to love yourself, you automatically learn to love others too “. How to disagree!

” In the last year we have learned to be together with ourselves – continues Alessandra – When you look in the mirror you have to deal with the person you see reflected. I finally found that healthy selfishness that allows me to be in the first place, giving the right priorities “.

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