Emma Watson about to say “yes” to her darling Leo Robinton?

Is young actress Emma Watson about to marry her darling Leo Robinton? We’ll give you more details!

Emma Watson and Are Leo Robinton about to get married?

The pretty actress we discovered in Harry Potter and her darling live their idyll away from prying eyes. Indeed, the two lovers live their love away from the spotlight.

But even if they do everything to remain discreet, it is without counting on the paparazzi who track their every move. So, at the last news, the couple was seen together on the streets of Los Angeles.

The young woman of 30 was giving a hug to her lover. Besides, you’d notice on Emma Watson’s finger what might look like an engagement ring!

But nothing is certain. Indeed, rumors about the couple’s engagement are pouring a lot of ink. However, the two main stakeholders did not announce anything official.

It is therefore difficult to say formally that the couple got engaged! In any case, Emma Watson and her darling Leo Robinton seem very much in love.

Indeed, the two lovebirds have been in a relationship for two years now. And yet, a lot of fans didn’t believe in their story!

Very discreet in nature, the two young people rarely reveal themselves. And yet they are indeed in love.

Now, fans are wondering if the two darlings will soon take a new step in their relationship. In all, according to rumors, they would be willing to say Yes for the rest of their lives.


Emma Watson has not been a heart to take for several months. The young actress seems to have fallen under the spell of Leo Robinton.

It was the streets of Notting Hill, in the middle of London, where the two lovers were first seen together. Besides, it seems that their story started with love at first sight.

The 30-year-old is an American. He lived in Los Angeles before being in London.

Very discreet about her private life, Emma Watson never made an official announcement to reveal her relationship with the young man. But it is no longer a secret for anyone.

The young woman and her lover give a perfect love. Moreover, the two lovebirds are absent from social networks. It is therefore impossible for fans to know where their relationship is.

But according to some tabloids, their relationship would be very serious. Indeed, the young actress has even already met the family of her lover.

Leo Robinton has five siblings. And it seems that her sweetheart has a very good relationship with one of her sisters. Now we are waiting to find out if they will get married soon! Case to follow.

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