Emma Watson happy to have been able to play alongside Tom Hanks!

Years ago, Emma Watson revealed that she was really happy to have been able to play alongside Tom Hanks in The Circle!

In July 2017, fans discovered Emma Watson in a new role for the film The Circle. She was also able to play alongside the inevitable Tom Hanks. A real pride for the one who was successful thanks to Harry Potter.

In this film, Emma Watson plays the role of Mae. She joins a group called “The Circle” that uses new technologies and social networks. The young woman then embarks on an adventure that could shake up the future.

Indeed, Mae (Emma Watson) participates in “a revolutionary experiment. It pushes the boundaries of privacy. Ethics. And individual liberties“. It was in this film that she played Tom Hanks.

In an interview with E! News in 2017, the young woman had made confidences. She had revealed: “Playing with Tom Hanks in any scene is a bit of a dream.

The young woman had also confessed: “It is not possible that she is as nice as everyone says. And then she was! He’s so generous, funny, and easy-going. And it is all you would want it to be.”

Emma Watson had also concluded with great kindness: “So I am very happy to be able to confirm this sincerely. Because I think it would have broken my heart if Tom wasn’t Tom.”


The film The Circle changed Emma Watson’s opinion of social sex. She told The Hollywood Reporter: “It made me think a lot about what I would do if I had children.”

Emma Watson added: “I love social media. And I love what they can do and how they bring people together. But used the wrong way, it’s incredibly dangerous.

For the Harry Potter actress: “We have to make sure we use technology. And that technology doesn’t use us.” For her part, Tom Hanks also had an opinion on the message of the film.

The actor said: “For me, the message of the film tells us that we are all the actors of our destiny. Yes, it’s convenient to be able to pay your accounts online. Or watch any movie anytime.”

Tom Hanks continued: “But you also have to ask yourself if it’s good and healthy. This requires a degree of vigilance to assess what is healthy at the personal level. And what is healthy at the societal level.” An opinion shared by Emma Watson.

The man who played with Emma Watson had swung: “Personally, I will not participate in something like The Circle”. One thing is for sure, this film leaves you thinking about the new technology and on social networks!

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