Emma Watson (Harry Potter) almost got married!

Emma Watson almost got married. The woman who played Hermione in the hit saga almost said “yes” to her boyfriend in 2017.

Emma Watson is very discreet about her private life. The star of the Harry Potter event saga could have married in 2017, as revealed by a source close to the actress.

Aged 30, the pretty redhead spins the perfect love with the American entrepreneur Leo Robinson. They have been dating for a little over a year now.

Happy in love, the actress who was born in Paris, makes it a point of honor to keep her private life private. So she doesn’t expose her boyfriends on social media.

However, some people close to Emma Watson do not hesitate to give details in the press about her private life. The perfect opportunity for fans of the young woman to learn more about her.

A source close to Emma Watson’s family said she almost got married in 2017. And it was at people’s magazine Life and Style that the source swung the information.

At the time, Emma Watson had been in a relationship with William Knight for just over two years. Present in the same restaurant as the two lovebirds, the person who unveiled the scoop would have heard the actress and her darling talk seriously about marriage.

“You could hear them talking about what their dream wedding would look like. They talked about the family members they would invite and the place of the wedding, in America or London.” He concluded: “They even talked about flowers and a honeymoon.”


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The wedding wishes were short-lived for Emma Watson, who broke up with the young man a few months later. Of course, she had not informed the press about the breakup.

Emma Watson doesn’t use her fame to sell her image. She prefers to use it to support causes close to her heart, such as the United Nations, of which she is an ambassador or the He for She movement she has instilled.

However, marriage is an issue of concern to the actress. But she doesn’t want her private life to be sold to American tabloids. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Emma Watson spoke about the unfortunate fashion in Hollywood, which is selling her life.

“I’ve noticed that in Hollywood, you have to be in a relationship with the person you’ve been with. In order to promote a film. Personally, it’s something I couldn’t do… Especially if I don’t like the person in question,” she revealed.

Happy in love with Leo Robinton, Emma Watson is looking to the future serenely. But there’s no way she’s going to talk about her romance in the people’s press. Emma Watson, who has been widely followed on social media, has warned that she will never talk about her private life.

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