Emma Watson (Harry Potter) very badly in the face of the many criticisms!

Emma Watson seems to be very touched by the many criticisms of her haters. Being a movie star is not always easy.

Emma Watson rose to fame from an early age. And sometimes being a star can seem more difficult than you think. And for good reason, the Harry Potter actress is experiencing very bad criticism.

The 30-year-old has been revealed to the general public for her role as Hermione Granger in Harry Potter. Although her talent as an actress is no longer to be proven, she still receives a lot of criticism.

Thus, she sometimes finds herself at the heart of bad buzz. Moreover, Internet users do not hesitate to be frank. So the stars pay the price.

Emma Watson is no exception. And for good reason, viewers accuse the pretty brunette of being snobbish. In reality, the star actress of the Harry Potter saga wants her privacy to be respected. So she refuses to take pictures with her fans.

Indeed, often followed by the paparazzi, the pretty actress wants to keep her garden secret. As a result, it has been justified on numerous occasions. For Emma Watson, wanting to keep part of her life a secret is by no means a diva’s whim.

In fact, the young woman is used to criticism. On the Web, Emma Watson is often the target of mockery. Thus, she can be attacked on her artistic career but also on her commitments.


Emma Watson is not just a movie star. The latter often shares her beliefs. Indeed, she has been involved for years in feminism. And yes, in addition to being talented and pretty, the young woman shows great determination in everything she undertakes.

Still, the HarryPotter actress has received a ton of criticism about this commitment. And it seems that they have affected it.

In an interview, Emma Watson spoke about how she felt. She explains, “There’s a level of criticism that comes from being an actress and a public figure, which I expect, but once you take a stand on something like feminism, it’s completely different.”

The young woman then admits her difficulty in sustaining the criticism. She says, “There were days when I just didn’t want to get out of bed.”

But over time, Emma Watson has learned to live with it. She adds, “I had to remember that criticism was not personal and that it was part of the game.”

Once again, the Harry Potter star is showing great maturity. Fortunately, Emma Watson receives many congratulatory messages every day. And for good reason, her fans are very grateful for her involvement in feminism.

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