Emma Watson has not decided to stop her career for good!

According to rumors, Emma Watson would like to end her acting career. But it seems to be wrong!

A few days ago, rumors circulated about the end of Emma Watson’s career. But it seems that this is totally false!

Emma Watson is one of the most talented actresses of her generation. All the movies she’s played in have been a hit. So we no longer doubt his incredible talent!

His career was launched following the adaptation of the author J.K. in Harry Potter. When the saga of 8 films ended in 2011, Emma Watson’s value exploded.

In 20217, she gave her best in the new version of Beauty and the Beast. And let’s not talk about his incredibly well-played role in the movie Colonia. She is one of the highest-paid actresses in the world.

And she deserves it! It must be said that the young woman worked tirelessly to be in the spotlight. She has collaborated with the greatest, such as Sofia Coppola, Darren Aronofsky, and more recently, Greta Gerwig.

And as you probably know, Emma Watson is also a very committed woman. An assumed feminist, she fights for the cause of women. She even became a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for Women in 2014.

She has spoken several times on women’s issues. The actress has thus become an inspiring figure, both in her work as an actress and the causes that affect her.

However, this week, rumors have erupted about the actress’s career! She would have decided to end her career. It’s a famous British tabloid that threw out those hallway noises.

Emma Watson has not decided to stop her career for good!


A decision Emma Watson would have made to spend more time with her partner Leo Robinton: an entrepreneur who made his fortune in the legal cannabis trade in Los Angeles.

Some media then state: “She settles down with Leo. They want to keep a low profile. Maybe she even wants to start a family.”

It shocked a lot of people. His fans have therefore expressed their disappointment on the Web. But imagine that all this is false! In fact, his manager, Jason Weinberg, has denied everything.

He said: “All the media and social networks are reporting that Emma is currently in a sleep phase. Yet his career is not.”

One thing is for sure, it reassures his fans. They would like it to continue in its momentum. They feel that it is far too committed and ambitious to stop along the way.

Knowing that she does not plan to retire from the theatre makes them happier than ever.

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