Emma Watson makes amazing revelations about her sexuality!

Emma Watson has revealed some very surprising and unusual details about her sexuality. The actress is not so introverted!

Actress Emma Watson has revealed her favorite sexual practices. An interview to say the least unpublished for the one who, until now, cultivated the mystery on the subject.

In recent years, Emma Watson’s sexuality has intrigued me. The reason? The actress is very discreet about her personal life, and especially about her love life.

Indeed, the former star of the Harry Potter saga does not like to express herself on this subject. It must be said that these private details do not concern Internet users, contrary to what they believe.

Still, some people continue to look for clues. So, it’s a good thing, daniel Radcliffe’s former co-star decided to reveal a little more about her!

So the young woman decided to lift the veil on her sex life. Unbelievable, but true! Without the slightest taboo, Emma Watson mentioned one of her favorite practices.

And beware, not least: first bondage. But also, the BDSM is none other than “bondage, discipline, domination, submission”. Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

“I became slightly fascinated by Kinky culture,” she wrote in the columns of Teen Vogue magazine. Especially since the actress was not content with these simple confessions.

In short, she also assured me that “the people who practice it are the ones who communicate best.” According to her, bondage and BDSM fans “really manage this notion because they have to have it.”

And she even encouraged her fans to discover her in turn! “We could all use it as a model, they’re models that really help.” So, do you like it? Not so sure…


It must be said that such confessions are very surprising on the part of Emma Watson, introvert at first sight. But when you are more interested in her career, we see that the young woman is trying to break all taboos.

Indeed, the actress is very keen on the emancipation of women. So it comes down to their sexuality. Proof of this, she had advised her female fans to register on a certain site: OMGYes.

In short, it allows women to understand, but also to manage their sexuality. So it concentrates on testimonials and a plethora of tricks in order to help them.

And this, for the sum of 36 euros per month. In an interview, Emma Watson acknowledged that “registration is expensive.” However, she urged him: “But it’s definitely worth it.”

At the United Nations, she delivered a poignant speech in September 204. “I think it’s right that I make decisions that affect my own body,” she said. “I think it’s right that I’m being shown the same respect as men.”

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