Emma Watson ready to give up her career for love?

Is Emma Watson putting her career on hold to focus on her role as a girlfriend?

According to the agent of the beautiful Emma Watson, the beautiful actress has put her career on hold! A stagnation that can be explained by his new romantic relationship with a certain Leo Robinson…

For the past few months, Emma Watson’s career seems to be in the middle of a stand-by! Indeed, according to the DailyMail, the actress revealed by the saga “Harry Potter” at the age of 9, decided to focus on her love life!

Emma seems more in love than ever with her darling Leo Robinson. In a couple of 18 months, the two lovebirds never let go… To the point where the star puts aside his career!

“Maybe she wants a family,” a source told our Dailymailcolleagues. As for his agent, he explained to the tabloid that Emma Watson had not made any new commitments on a series or film…

After being in the spotlight for most of his life… Emma Watson is therefore focusing on her personal life… And she’s doing well! Even if her fans are probably looking forward to seeing her on the big screen… They will be patient!


The beautiful Emma Watson and her darling do not mediatize their relationship at all! Indeed, they do not post any pictures of them on the Web and are discreet!

However, the British actress remains an international star… Thus, the latter can not always avoid prying paparazzi!

That’s how we know that two weeks ago, the couple was spotted on the streets of Los Angeles. The town where Emma Watson’s darling lives! Indeed, the latter made his fortune in the sale of legal cannabis.

So, on the photos of the couple who leaked… Internet users have obviously noticed the complicity and love of the two lovebirds… But it’s not just that. They especially noticed the ring that the actress had on her finger!

Indeed, they wonder therefore if Leo Robinton asked his beautiful in marriage… A new milestone that would not be surprising for the 30-year-old actress!

Indeed, Emma Watson has been in a relationship for almost 2 years with the beautiful brown. A period during which they took the time to meet their respective families…

What’s more, according to the Daily Mail they would even consider becoming parents! So nothing would stop them from putting the rope around their necks! Just be patient to know if Emma Watson and her baby will say yes or not!

Indeed, those who know the actress well already know that she will not make a statement on this subject until she is married!

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