Emma Watson: Why does she really want to take a break from her career?

Emma Watson is at the heart of all the questions. And for good reason, she might put her acting career on hold.

Emma Watson is really a leading actress. And yet, it seems that the pretty brunette wants to take a break in her career.

For several years, Emma Watson has been constantly getting noticed. It must be said that the young woman is on all fronts. Yes, I did.

Beyond her great career as an actress, she is also a well-known activist. Very involved in the fight for gender equality, she then participated in major events.

In short, Emma Watson has become a role model for many viewers. The teen star seduces young and old alike. Over time, she managed to win over a very large audience. Not bad!

It must be said, that Emma Watson has been in the spotlight since she was very young. With her role as Hermione Granger in Harry Potter, she quickly met this great notoriety.

Thus, the beautiful actress is a great success. And for good reason, his fans are very loyal. It is always supported by the latter. It’s so nice!

In fact, viewers can’t wait to see the star’s next projects. And yet, it could be that Emma Watson puts her career on hold.


For some time now, Emma Watson has been very discreet. And for good reason, since her role in Little Women, the actress is waving the Web.

Indeed, the rumor then announces that she has retired. Enough to panic his many fans so.

In fact, the Daily Mail has spoken on this subject. Thus, Emma Watson would have “renounced playing”. And for good reason, she would then focus on her new relationship.

It must be said, that the performer of Hermione Granger seems on a small cloud with Leo Robinson. The two lovebirds then spin the perfect love. Too cute!

In addition, a source even announced: “Emma went into hiding, she settles down with Leo. She decided to retire from the fires to spend time with her fiancé Leo Robinson. »

But don’t panic. His agent spoke on this matter. He said: “Emma’s social media accounts are dormant, but her career is not.”

Thus, just because the famous actress does not play in any film at the moment does not mean that she then gives up her acting career. She’s only taking a little break.

So it might be that Emma Watson prefers to give her all in a project that really suits her. Even though she is able to star in the biggest films, she seems to prioritize quality over quantity.

The beautiful Emma Watson should therefore make her return to the cinema. Case to follow then.

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