eucalyptus Cameroon: a project of deforestation of the forest has caused outrage world


The RFAThe outrage and anger not subsided, four months after the announcement that the government of cameroon for the project to classify the 150,000 hectares of forest of Ebo in the area of production. The mobilization remains strong in the country and at the international level, to defend the ecosystem of the Coastal region, which to date retains.

The project of the commercial exploitation of the forests Ebo, an area of intact forest located in the Coastal region of cameroon, continues to evoke anger and indignation from all over the planet.

In effect, the February 4, 2020, the cameroonian ministry of Forests and Fauna (Minfof) signed a public notice to the classification of a part of the forest of Ebo in the private domain of the State. The long-term project, is to transform the orientation area in a production forest, indicates the Minfof. The 150,000 ha targeted will be divided into two forest concessions. Since this announcement, voices among the most famous on the planet, such as Leonardo DiCaprio, the american actor, he rose to the preservation of this ecosystem that is home to many animal species.

?The actor is also part of the signatories of a global petition launched against the project by Greenpeace Africa, an NGO specializing in the defence of the environmental cause. Like her, several organizations multiply actions to prevent the commercial exploitation this forest in order to protect the indigenous peoples, concerned by the destruction of their land.

The population décolèrent not

The petition of Greenpeace Africa just join the call launched by a group of people the region of the Coast”, for the immediate cancellation of the plans of the government with the goal of transforming an area of about 150,000 hectares of intact forest, designated as a national park in two forest concessions”. Gathered around the collective “Banen say no” (local community), who have served for the cameroonian ministry of forests and Wildlife of the category of the opposition of indigenous peoples to the expropriation of the forest of Ebo. In a press release signed on may 7, 2020, in the Palace’dika Douala Akwa, the group calls for in addition to the protest against the grabbing of ancestral lands Banen and against the destruction of the biodiversity in the boroughs of Nitoukou, Yingui, Ndikinimeki and Nord-Makombe by the government of Cameroon. So they intend to defend their inalienable rights to their ancestral heritage and to safeguard the interests of future generations.

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In fact, according to Greenpeace Africa, Ebo is an area of high concentration of biodiversity, which is home to a population of chimpanzees, as well as “the elephants in the forest, grey, parrots, and other threatened and endangered species endangered and 12 species of trees unknown to science. This forest contains approximately 35 million tonnes of carbon”. A priceless treasure that cannot be allowed to destroy it, argues Bolivia Wakam, an expert in renewable energy and the environment.

“If you have already difficulties to consider industrial cameroonian transform this forest into plantations, we can accept that this forest is now being sold to then be stripped of its wood? What will be the benefit for the local population, when one sees what has happened with the other forest areas as bélabo link, Batouri [à l’Est du pays, ndlr], of the common, emptied of their forest heritage?”, question the specialist for the micro Sputnik.

In the Face of multiple challenges, the Minfofa said, after a meeting with the indigenous peoples, in April last, in that arrangements would be made for the protection of specific sites recognised as wildlife habitat during the development of the management plan of this forestry unit. This, according to the cameroonian legislation, which gives effect to the directives of inventory, planning, and the granting of loans to the investment, the integration of the specificities of the biodiversity in the production forests of the permanent forest of Cameroon. It remains to be seen whether this resolution will be sufficient to convince the protesters…

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By Anicet Simo, sputnik france


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