Female fighter of the UFC gave tremendous blows to his assailant,


Polyana Viana is a famous fighter for the brazilian Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) renowned for its discipline and because he has fought in the prestigious Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). “The Lady of Iron” as it is known, is not only known for their sporting achievements, as it recently became a trend for giving a beating to a man who pretended to asaltarla.

It all happened when Viana was waiting for a taxi outside his home in Jacarepaguá, a neighborhood west of Rio de Janeiro. Suddenly, a man approached him and sat down next to her on the pretext of asking the time, but it kind of seemed strange and was put on alert.

As the subject was not removed, the peleadora you saved your cell phone. At that point the man said to him: “give me your phone. Try not to react because I’m armed.” Then, he took out the alleged weapon and put it to one side of the body. Viana realized that it was too soft to be a real weapon, so I risked.

Polyana stood up, he threw two punches and a kick. The guy fell and she caught it with a key, sat him down and subjected him until the police arrived. The peleadora realized that the assailant is not wearing a weapon, as it was only a cardboard cut out in the shape of a gun.

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luchdora UFC hits his assailant

The piece of cardboard used by the assailant. (Photo: Polyana Viana/MMA Junkie)

When they arrived the men in uniform, brought the subject to the hospital to attend to his wounds, even though they were a few goals, Polyana left him very badly. When you file your complaint, the athlete said that the assailant asked him to let him go, to which she replied that she would call the police. The subject said yes, that it was better to call the police, because maybe he was afraid that the athlete has to hit again.

luchdora UFC hits his assailant

This was the subject who tried to rob the peleadora of the UFC. (Photo: Polyana Viana/MMA Junkie)

This is not the first time that Polyana Viana, who has a record of 10 victories and four draws and no defeats, is facing his assailants, because years ago, gave a treenda beating a man in the city of Belem.

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