Final Fantasy 7 Remake, opening film released in all its splendor


Square Enix has released the opening movie of Final Fantasy 7 Remake in all its glory, making everyone who is waiting for the game happy.

Square Enix has released the opening movie of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. It is a video in computer graphics that introduces us to the new Midgar. After an introduction focused on the city and its inhabitants, Aerith is shown kneeling in an alley in the slums. The character is dressed as in the classic version of the game and also has his iconic flower basket.

The game logo appeared, the action passes on the train with Cloud Strife on it and the Avalanche group. Basically the video seems to be an extension of the original introduction, with obviously many more details. Although the story of Final Fantasy 7 should be well known to the most, we avoid reporting other details so as to limit the advances as much as possible.

Just yesterday we reported a rundown of new information on Final Fantasy 7 Remake regarding Red XIII, Tifa, Matters, Weapons, and Invocations. Before leaving you to watch the video, we remind you that Final Fantasy 7 Remake is scheduled for April 10, 2020, only on PS4. The game will be an exclusive thunderstorm from the Sony console for a year, after which we will probably see it also arrive on PC and Xbox One. We also imagine on PS5 and Xbox Series X, given the timing. We honestly do not know if the exclusive time will be confirmed also for the next chapters.

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