First Philip! Queen Elizabeth II faces double loss

Queen Elizabeth II suffered a double loss on Saturday, as she said the last goodbye to her husband, Philip of Edinburgh, she was informed of the passing of her friend Sir Michael Oswald.

The horse expert, who also excelled as manager of the Royal Studs for nearly 30 years, per3rd at age 86 after a long uns specified condition.

Oswald, counselor to Queen Elizabeth II on equestrian issues, sympathized with her because of her taste for racing. They were constantly photographed together and even shared the same date of birth: April 21.

However, the so-called “Knight of the Great Cross of the Royal Victorian Order” (GCVO), according to the 2020 New Year’s Honor List, always assured that the monarch never gambled.

I’ve never been aware that the queen would have placed a bet.

For her, the exciting thing is to have a winning horse. There’s nothing I don’t know about a horse’s pedigree,” the entrepreneur said, according to the UK Times obituary.

Oswald’s relationship with the British Royal Family spanned more than five decades, during which time he was close to the “Queen Mother”, for whom he worked from 1970 to 2002.

He always said he had the most wonderful job anyone could have,” said his widow and lady of honor for Elizabeth II, Lady Angela, to the Racing Post.

Throughout his working life, he was simply doing what he would have done if he had been a rich man who didn’t have to work.

In addition to his wife, he is survived by his daughter Katharine and son William.


The Duke of Sussex’s new position at BetterUp Inc. has caused laughter in Japan, as its abbreviation in the US refers to an intimate part.

The online mental health company named the youngest of “Lady Di”‘s children as impact director, a position referred to in Silicon Valley as CHIMPO.

This acronym has reached other parts of the world and caused a stir, as on Japanese lands it means “p3n3”, while in the United Kingdom they regard the phrase as silly, according to the Daily Mail.

A news website in the eastern country took up some of the comments that have been made about it:

Imagine coming to Japan and presenting himself as ‘chimpo’ to officials. I’d love to see their faces, says one of them.

Meanwhile, the startup has not disclosed whether Meghan Markle’s husband will receive any salary or other compensation for his work.


On April 09, Queen Elizabeth II’s “prince consort” lost his life at age 99, just over a week later this month’s 17th, a ceremony was held to lay off his remains.

In the midst of a solemn and restricted act marked by the sanitary conditions and the last will of the veteran of royalty, the “Prince of Greece and Denmark”, “Baron of Greenwich” and “Count of Merioneth” starred in a military-style farewell in which the closest members of his family, accompanied by a strong cavalry regiment, surrendered the last farewell.

Just two months after his 100th birthday, Duke Philip Mountbatten left peacefully in his sleep, his last abode was in a vault inside St. George’s Chapel.

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