Gal Gadot is going to adapt to a movie, a novel banned in high schools in Israel


The interpreter Wonder Woman will co-produce with her husband Yaron Varsano, an adaptation of a novel Hebrew Dorit Rabinyan, published in 2014 : Under the same star. This book, a time rejected the program of the schools, tells the love story of”Hilmi, a Palestinian from Ramallah, and Liat, a jewish Israeli, when they meet in New York, the land of truce for the two protagonists. A gripping story, which follows them even to their return to their territory, a romance that reminds us that love transcends borders and conflicts

Controversial because of its subject, a love story, judeo-Arabic, the novel was removed from the program of the high schools of the order of the Ministry of Education in 2016. Why ? The book would be “a danger to the jewish identity” and could be considered as a “encouragement to unions between jews and non-jews”.

Yet, Dorit Rabinyan was a success, popular with this love story and has received the Award Bernstein award that each year the young authors israelis promising. In the wake of this controversy, during which Dorit Rabinyan has been supported by many authors, Under the same star was a resounding success. The legend tells that the publishers were forced to republish the book as the demand was strong, tells The World. Shortly after, the Ministry of education had backtracked, considering that the book could be taught to the “literature” course advanced”.

Gal Gadot has often stated that his jewish identity and israeli were very important for her :

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“I did my two years of military service, I was raised in a family of israeli, very jewish, and of course my heritage is very important to me. I want people to have a good impression of Israel.”


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