Game Xbox Pass : Drake Hollow is pushed back to a unknown date


Announced last November, and originally planned for the 17th of July next, Drake Hollowthe survival game/craft in the cooperation on the part of the creators of A Flame in the Flood, will finally launch announced.

In a tweetthe man at the head of the Molasses Flood, Forrest Dowling, said that the release of Drake’s Hollow is postponed for reasons “technical, boring, difficult to explain, and anyway NDA“. The developers are on the front line to solve all these problems but, unfortunately, it is impossible for them to give us a new release date.

In the absence of a term associated with the Xbox Game Pass in the tweet of Forrest Dowling, we imagine that this report does not question the Day of your arrival, the One on the Microsoft service, as it was intended until now.

If you’ve missed the announcement of Drake Hollow, here is how we introduced the game in the past month of November.

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