Georgina Rodriguez shows off her jet magazine covers

Undoubtedly the Spanish model Georgina Rodríguez has earned both the admiration of millions as well as envy thanks to the luck she had of becoming the partner of the footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, because of this she can show off in her private jet the magazine covers in which she appears.

Thanks to the popularity of her partner who is also known as CR7 is that the beautiful model and also entrepreneur managed to become quite a celebrity just like the footballer, of course to a lesser extent than she did.

Although thanks to Cristiano Ronaldo she helped her to be known for simply being her partner Georgina Gio as she is also known she is a rather productive and hard-working woman, it is largely why the professional footballer ended up in love with her.

This mentioned post was made by Georgina Rodríguez five days ago on her official Instagram account, which has so far 1 million 269 thousand 204 red hearts and a total of 3 thousand 820 comments.

It was 7 photos that she shared in her, usually sharing content where she appears but also continuously she does it next to her children, this time it was a combination of both because in addition to showing off their covers in two important magazines in Italy where she did the photoshoots she also showed off her young children.

In the first photo we see the model sitting wearing a pretty casual outfit without leaving the glamour aside, she’s holding the two magazines in which she recently appeared.

Both covers she shared in her past publications in one of them appearing wearing a two-piece swimsuit this photo was shared on February 27 and before, on February 18 she shared the first cover this is a close-up of her beautiful face while wearing black gloves with blank details.

The cover of the swimsuit was apparently taken in Turin, Italy by the accompanying description, and the cover of her face was made in Madrid, Spain.

In the second photo of her publication appear the two covers only supported by her beautiful hands and in the background a beautiful bag in fuchsia pink.

Georgina Gio placed in her description “Gratitude” accompanied by a heart she was surely grateful to have a job and that she was requested by companies to collaborate with her, in addition to having her little ones by her side and being able to enjoy them while she is working without having to leave them at home in the care of another person.

In the following photos, we see their little ones posing next to some copies of the magazines, of course, they did not realize that they were taking pictures of them because they were very focused on theirs, their toys.

The model enjoys sharing time with her children, although only the little one of the 4 is her natural daughter with Cristiano Ronaldo, surely she considers the 3 sons that the footballer already had as her own, so she has seen them on their social networks loves them and gets along quite well with them.

In addition to the photos also appears a video where you are showing the covers again although now sketching a beautiful smile very happy by the finished work, besides having it printed on your hands can be more exciting than just watching it digitally.

For the last photograph, the five appear under the jet posing together despite how strong the sun was, they took that picture.

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