Ginny Hoffman has criminally denounced her ex-husband for sexual abuse and violence


The actress has denounced Héctor Parra for improper behavior he had with his daughter.

Ginny Hoffman formally files a criminal lawsuit against her ex-husband Héctor Parra, in which he is accused of sexual abuse and domestic violence.

After a few weeks after Ginny made the accusations against Parra public in a magazine with national circulation, now the actress is filing the lawsuit with the corresponding authorities.

Hoffman’s lawyer, Alfonso Beceiro, commented to the program ‘De Primera Mano’: “This is a criminal complaint about the possible commission of the crimes of sexual abuse and domestic violence. They are quite serious crimes, with high penalties and aggravated by the series of laws that exist to protect children, minors and women, and more when they could have been committed by a person from the family nucleus, and more if the relationship is direct ”.

Ginny had revealed that her ex-husband had misbehaved with her daughter when she was just a child. For his part, Héctor Parra has always denied such accusations and assures that everything is about something invented by his ex-wife to harm him.

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