Google Chrome, here’s how to make a dynamic homepage with a GIF


The the homepage of Google Chrome (the page that appears, for example, when you open a new tab) is one of the first things that many of us see when they start a new session of “exploring” the world of the Web. Why, therefore, do not customize this page, perhaps to start with as you must the day?

Recently, we have discovered, thanks to an idea of The Vergea little trick interesting way to improve the homepage of the Google browser: use a GIF as a background. It is a very simple, but at the same time make it much more “dynamic” in the beginning of its step navigation. It is therefore interesting to understand where to find the GIF, and how to position them on the homepage of Chrome.

Where to find the GIF for free

The more experienced among you already know where to find the GIF to be placed on the homepage, but for those who do not know well this world it is good to give a look to at least a the portal interesting. For example, on the Web site MotionElements there are GIF royalty-free. There is a little bit of everything and you can customize the page of Chrome (for example, as you can see in the cover image, we have chosen this GIF of the Moon).

The GIF, you can download simply by pressing the button “GIF”, and you can also choose the size, speed, type of loop and quality (you must enter your e-mail address for her to send for free the GIF the first time, if you do not want to do this, you can clearly look for other online portals from which to find the GIF).


How to set the GIF on Google Chrome

Once you have found the GIF that you want to use, you need to follow the following procedure from the PC.

  1. Open a new tab on Google Chrome (if you have not already done so);
  2. Press on the button “Customize“at the bottom right, and click on the “The charge from the device“;
  3. Choose the GIF involved and the game is done: you should see it playing in the background.

Notein some cases it may be necessary to open the GIF file with Chrome, and save it with the right button of the mouse, renaming it with the end extension “.png”.

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