Grandson of Queen Elizabeth, Prince Harry, blame them for resigning

Prince Harry recently appeared at “Carpool Karaoke” where he delves into the subject of his resignation from the crown, the show“The Late Late Show” caught all the attention after Queen Elizabeth II’s grandson will address one of the most controversial topics, his departure from royalty.

Did anyone have anything to do with your decision, is this any members of the royal family? Was he created by his wife’s influence? It was just a few of the issues that assaulted everyone when Prince Charles of Wales’ youngest son announced with his wife, Meghan Markle, his independence from the monarchy.

A year after the so-called“Megxit”, it is one of the topics that continues to cause great controversy and it was Prince Harry himself, who during the talk with James Corden, host of the show, ended up clarifying the culprits of his decision, noting, the particular “ac0s0 of the press”.

One of the main reasons that would lead to the resignation of the Dukes of Sussex to their duties within the crown, is that they did not want to continue living in that environment which also mentally affected him and his family, so he did what any man would do to protect his own.

I need to get my family out of here, but we never walk away, he said.

It was a“toxic environment” that was already destroying his mental health, and he didn’t want the same thing to happen with his firstborn, Archie, he noted. The grandson closest to Duke Philip of Edinburgh stated that he considered it the best and that they could somehow continue to serve his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

How at some point, Diana of Wales he or she tried everything to hide from the press by always being persecuted, a memory that for the “former senior member” is still very painful0ros0.

Today, Harry, sixth in the line of succession to the throne and the former actress, lives in a more peaceful environment which has also allowed them to enlarge the family.


It should certainly be remembered that at the outset, the news did not sit well with members of the British Royal Family for whom it would be an unexpected cold water bath, as it transcended at the time, particularly William, Harry’s older brother who took the next step after the controversial announcement.

According to a British newspaper, William hired Jean-Christophe Grey, a former spokesman for former Prime Minister David Cameron, known as “Whitehall’s most assiduous bean counter” for his previous position as “Head of the Treasury’s Public Spending Committee,” according to “The Times.”

Apparently, with this, the Duke of Cambridge also sought to settle scores within royalty.

The“Megxit” would leave William in shock confirmed a British source, and would also lead to a tension between the brothers and future “crown heirs”, who to this day have not been able to bring their relationship to good terms, so it has transcended.

Recently, the Sussex made known to the British monarch their final decision not to return to royalty, according to Harry, despite what Buckingham Palace says, will continue in a life of service, this without retitling his post.

Siembre will contribute, wherever I am in the world, it will be the same, My life is a public service, concluded with the subject in the talk.

He would also occasionally return to the UK, as he does not intend to move away from his family and seeks to maintain a good relationship with the queen.

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