Great scare of Mia Khalifa from her pool “Something Touched Me”

Model, entrepreneur, and former actress Mia Khalifa got a little scared when she felt something had touched her leg while she was in her pool.

The beautiful celebrity originally from Beirut, Lebanon shared two photos on Twitter where she was seen showing off her charms in a swimsuit.

This one was quite tiny so Mia Khalifa’s art! but excelled too much, although it’s normal for her to wear any garment with its huge charms.


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In her description, she mentioned that she had been frightened to notice that something had touched her and that this could be seen in her veins that were really exalted.

Even though Mia Khalifa was a little scared, the smile on her face didn’t disappear for a moment and we can corroborate this in the flirtatious photo.

In the photos, you can see the model coming out of the water, although she is smiling you can also see some expression of desperation to leave due to the position in which she is.

The post so far has more than 3,000 likes and 93 people have shared it in the microblogging service app.

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