Great teams that could not win anything in the League MX


Throughout the history of mexican soccer, various equipment have amazed fans for display an great level and register remarkable numbers, however, these templates will also be remembered for not having won a single title.

ESPN Digital introduces you to the clubs that marked an era in Liga MX but that could not hold a championship.

Under the direction of Ricardo La Volpe, Atlas became one of the teams with the most colorful of the Liga MX. Getty Images

Atlas of Ricardo Lavolpe

The Rojinegros of the ‘Moustache‘captivated thousands of fans of the football aztec and the team became a role model for many young people who aspired to be coaches. The Atlas of Ricardo Antonio Lavolpe was characterized by a style of play very attractive and have a great generation of footballers as talented as Rafael Márquez, Daniel Osorno, Miguel Zepeda, among others. Despite the great level that showed, the set tapatío not won a single titlebut were close after losing an exciting Final against Toluca in the Summer 1999.

The square de Toros Neza has won without a doubt a place in the hearts of the followers of the mexican soccer. During the decade of the 90, the team not only distinguished himself by carrying masks prior to the match or by the flamboyant hairstyles of some players but also by their style of play and figures such as Antonio Mohamed and Miguel Herrera. In 1997, Neza came to the League Final, where they fell in a historic thrashing of Chivas of Guadalajara.

The Celaya’s ‘Vulture’

The set of Celaya is another team that captivated the fans of mexican soccer in the 90’s by signing players of international stature. The first ‘bomb’ of the directive was Emilio Butragueño, one of the most important players in the history of Real Madrid. Of the hand of Butragueño, Celaya played the Final of 1996 against Necaxa, but unfortunately lost it. After that great season, the board signed ‘Míchel’ and Hugo Sanchez, but did not return to fight for the title.

Under the mandate of the successful mexican technical, Víctor Manuel Vucetich, The Piety established itself as the best team Phase Regularly during the summer tournament 2002 with a mark of 12 wins, a draw and five defeats. In the Playoffs, led by the ‘King Midas’ were the favorites for the title by ending up as the superlíderes, but in the Quarterfinals were eliminated by America. After that great tournament, Pity he did not excel in the First Division.

Players such as Cuauhtémoc Blanco, Kléber Boas, Christian Giménez, Braulio Luna, among others, converted to Veracruz at the best team the Opening 2004. Led by Wilson Graniolatti completed Phase Regular in the first place, with 35 points, but in the first round of Playoffs were surprised by the Cougars, which eventually will crown him champion.

The Lion of Reinoso and Comizzo

Of the hand of the ‘Master’, The Beast ended up as the leader of the Winter 1997 with a mark of 30 points product of nine wins and only three defeats. Unlike other superlíderes, Leon, that you had in your template with figures such as Ángel David Comizzo, Hernán Medford and Missael Espiniza came up to the Grand Final where it was measured at the Blue Cross. The match was marked by the rude assault of Comizzo about Carlos Hermosillo, who with bleeding face he got the goal that gave his last titleLeague to The Machine.

The America of Beenhakker

The campaign 1994-95 of mexican soccer will be marked by the extraordinary level that was America under the orders of the Dutch Leo Beenhakker. The Eagles deployed a style of play dramatically during the phase of regular but the directive azulcrema surprised his millions of followers when weeks before contesting the League announced the dismissal of Beenhakker. In the Large Party, the set of Coapa fell in the Semi-finals.

Blue cross and its bicampeonatos consecutive

The Machine amounted to almost 10 years without getting to the End until in 2008 he broke his drought and faced in the Grand Final to Santos Laguna, where he fell by an overall score of 3-2.

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In the following tournament, the Cement turned to get to the match for the title , where it is measured at Toluca, and both starred in an exciting back meeting that was marked by the harsh entry of José Manuel Cruzalta, Cesar Villaluz. The title had to be defined in a series of penalties after the aggregate score ended with a tie of 2 goals and new account, fans of Cruz Azul had to settle for second place.

Chivas Chicharito

The level shown by the Herd Sacred in the first half of 2010 remain in the memories of fans of red and whites for a long time. The box tapatio kicked off the tournament Bicentenario with eight consecutive victories and with a Javier Hernandez in great form. Chivas finished in second place of the Standings and in the Playoffs they were eliminated by the Monarchs of Morelia in the Quarterfinals.

The incredible Jaguars Trejo

In the Clausura 2004, Jaguar stunned the millions of fans of the Liga MX at the end of the Stage Regular with one of the best brands in the history of the tournament short. The team chiapas scored 42 points and finished in first place but could not with the curse of the superlíder to be eliminated in the Quarterfinals by Cruz Azul.


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