Greta Thunberg has reached an important stage: that of 18 years!

The Swedish activist made them on January 3 and celebrated with an epic Instagram post, in which she trolled several conspiracy theories.

In the photo, she is seen wearing a T-shirt that reads ” Flat Mars Society “, mocking the flat-earth conjectures.


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” Thank you all for the good wishes on my eighteenth birthday – she wrote in the caption, before scoffing at other conspiracy theories that in the past have brought up her name – Tonight you will find me at the local pub to reveal all the dark secrets behind to the conspiracies of the strike for the climate and school and all my bad puppeteers who can no longer control me! I’m finally free! “.

It is not the first time that Greta Thunberg has recycled the words used against her for a nice tit-for-tat.

Last November, in the context of the US presidential elections, she returned the favor to Donald Trump by making her the message with which the outgoing head of the White House had teased her. Earlier, she had made a similar move with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro.

Greta Thunberg started the Friday school strikes in 2018, to demonstrate in front of the Swedish parliament calling for measures for climate change. Since then it has inspired millions of people, mostly boys and girls like you, who have created a real generational movement called Fridays for Future.

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