Hailey Baldwin says Justin Bieber is her “best friend”

With a cute photo, Hailey Baldwin Bieber lets her husband Justin Bieber know that he is her “best friend”

Many will consider it a cliché that a wedding couple designates each other as “best friends”, however, being honest, any basis for a good relationship is a sincere and deep friendship, yes, even with the person you consider the love of your life, if you don’t ask Hailey Baldwin Bieber, who a few days ago shared a cute photo with her husband, singer Justin Bieber.

Despite the fact that in recent weeks the two celebrities have had to face, first, with the strong rumors that the 23-year-old model was pregnant and, second, with the strong questions that fans launched on social networks about whether Hailey had interfered in the relationship that Justin Bieber and Selena Gómez once had.

In both polemics, Hailey has been in charge of going out to deny these assumptions and theories invented by all those people who have no business but to start inventing crazy things about the lives of public figures.

During participation that he had in the Pretty Bid Deal podcast of his friend Ashley Graham, Bieber’s now wife, he clarified that although the outcome of his relationship with the Canadian occurred too quickly, so much so that it surprised strangers and strangers, the Holy singer was never unfaithful to Selena Gomez, since they didn’t start dating until he broke up with the Wizards of Waverly Place actress.

“Contrary to popular belief, he had been single for a while and I had been single and we were trying to understand life,” were the words said by the 23-year-old model in relation to the rumors that have been around for years. networks about the alleged infidelity of the Canadian.

For her part, regarding the assumptions that Baldwin could be expecting a child from the Canadian, a few weeks ago through her statements on her official Instagram account, Hailey denied that she was in such a state and lashed out at US Weekly magazine since I knew they were about to launch an article where they would say that the American model was expecting her first child.

Among the claims of Bieber’s wife to US Weekly was that they stop publishing false information and dedicate themselves to reporting on the United States elections, a topic of greater importance and relevance than inventing things that were not.

But those who know say well, and also a song by Shakira, that after the storm the sun comes and it seems that the sun has come and shone for both famous young people.

Three days ago the model uploaded a photo to her Instagram with the singer, in which you can see them both very relaxed. In addition, Baldwin put ” my best friend “, so it can be assumed that she cares very little about all those rumors that circulate on the networks seeking to interfere in her marriage with the Canadian.

For his part, Justin Bieber also shared a photograph taken that same day in which, despite not having added any text, as Hailey did, it can be seen that the reasons that led him to share such a tender image were the same as those of his wife.


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Nobody better than Hailey Baldwin Bieber and Justin Bieber to show that love is also due, from time today, to make friends and not just love. In this way, your love will last throughout the years in which you have the joy of sharing its existence.


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