Hailey Bieber insists she’s not a bad person

Justin Bieber’s model wife denied being a “crazy teenager” and a “fake Christian.

Hailey Bieber is one of the few stars who hasn’t gone off the rails, but almost all netizens try to call her bad. In an attempt to save her reputation, the singer responded to clear things up.

She shed light on all of this during her recent interview on Graham’s Pretty Big Deal podcast.

There she defended herself against the label of “false Christian” and said: “She was definitely not a crazy teenager. I behaved very well. I was also homeschooled, so I didn’t get into any trouble. Maybe I had a sip of vodka when I was 16 in a friend’s basement. And that was extreme for me. “

Although she has separated from her parents’ preferred congregation, she continues to practice the religion of her own free will.

“One thing that I definitely wrestled with, with faith, at a young age, was guilt. If I do this, God will be mad at me. At home, I don’t think my parents wanted to do it, but it felt like fear-based Christianity… At the same time, the Bible has a lot to do with forgiveness, ”he said.

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