Hancock 2 : Charlize Theron wants a sequel, but apparently it is the only News Film


Twelve years after the film’s release, the project is at a standstill. The actress seems very enthusiastic about the idea of returning to work.

With Atomic Blonde and especially Mad Max : Fury Road, Charlize Theron has emerged as a actress, very believable in hollywood action films. She had already tried in 2008 with Hancock Peter Berg, in which she performed a super-heroine old several hundreds of years, converted into a mother in the home tidy. She gave such a reply to Will Smith and Jason Bateman.

Well before the glory days of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the film took a different approach to the films of super-heroes, featuring super-human imperfect, and marginal. A formula anti-heroic already used in Spawn or Darkman, and recently pushed to the extreme with the adaptation of The Boys in which super-heroes are no longer just the anti-hero, but downright antagonistic.

The film has achieved a great result at the box office and almost immediately, a draft suite has been put in place. The team seemed to be motivated to re-enlist, screenwriters have been hired… But since then, Hancock 2 has completely disappeared from the radar.

photo, Will SmithBefore Suicide Squad…

Charlize Theron would like to however find the character of Mary Embrey as she stated during an interview with ComicBook.com :

“You know, we’ve talked about a sequel for a while. Especially after the release of the film, but not in recent years, non. [Si ├ža se fait]it will be super-hero at the walkers, you know. But I rempilerais well ! I would always do this film, I would go back without hesitation.”

A statement bitter-sweet, since it confirms that Hancock 2 is not really on the agenda, despite the support of one of its leading actresses.

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Photo Charlize TheronEven though Charlize Theron does very well the eyes soft, Hancock 2 will not take place

Soon, the actress is expected to appear in The Old Guard, the output of which on Netflix is scheduled to on July 10, next. She will play Andromache of Scythia aka Andy, another super-heroine, immortal, at the head of a group of mercenaries. The actress is obsessed with his own aging ? Comicbook.com questioned about this tendency to camp regularly of the protagonists that don’t age :

“I had never really noticed that I had already played immortal before. In Snow White and the huntsman also, I played a woman who had lived for several millennia. I have never thought of doing it. Oddly [sur The Old Guard]I thought that it was the first time that I was doing it.

photo, Charlize TheronIt’s simple : Charlize Theron is immortal !

I think we can always draw comparisons in broad strokes, but the fact is that all these women that I’ve played are different, they survive in different circumstances, different mechanisms.”

Not more similarities than that between the two protagonists, therefore, (the actress has preferred to compare Andy to John Wickthis is when even more class !). In the absence of a sequel, fans of Hancock so will have to settle for the warrior of antiquity to satisfy their need for old super-heroine.

photo, Charlize TheronEven 2000 years ago, Charlize Theron wants to show she can still fight


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