Hannah Montana : The changing looks of Miley Cyrus, ten years after the film


Among the youth programs that have marked the small screen, it was Hannah Montanaaired in the 2000s on the Disney Channel and in the issuance KD2A on France 2. In the Face of success, an adaptation is carried out in 2009 at the cinema with his main heroine : Miley Cyrus. New carton with $ 155 million revenue at the box office. Ten years after, the star has changed…

In 2009, Miley Cyrus is 17 years old and perfectly represents the american teenager well under all reports. The daughter of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus, she appears with a look that’s very wise, trend streetwear in jeans, sneakers and cardigan, bright colors. Even when she does red carpet, she opts for dresses elegant but understated, a little make-up and very little fantasy. A simple style that it will keep until 2010 at which time it begins to metamorphose, the entry into adulthood is not a stranger to the case.

Miley is at the sport, begins to slim down, made a few changes to the side sections of hair and make-up is also more pronounced on his face. It is the time of the tube Can’t Be Tamed and its clip held more daring than in the past, as well as the adaptation film of LOL. The teenager begins its moult into a young woman who asserts herself. Then follows the period of 2011-2012, during which it multiplies the projects as My uncle Charlie to the tv, but where its reputation is in decline. It is found, for example, on a red carpet to the foundation and Elton John with a style mémérisant, a sign that they don’t really know where it is…

This is actually from 2013 that Miley Cyrus will make a come-back thunderous. In fact, the young woman decides to break its image and landed with the single We Can’t Stopand then the hit global Wrecking Ball carried by a clip signed Terry Richardson, seen over one billion times on YouTube, and in which it appears in keeping Eve on a wrecking ball. It is at this period that it shaves the hair to the side, the shy and the plate on the top while doing the lashes. It connects with the Bangerz Tour that gives him the opportunity to put on outfits scene requiring very little fabric… This time dirty Miley will last until the beginning of the year 2015.

In recent years, the ex-wife of Liam Hemsworth is tamer and was reunited with her long blonde hair as well as clothes a little more covering. If he happens still to play provoc’ on stage or on red carpet, Miley Cyrus has mostly been in the way to a look of almost thirty-something cool but stylish. Too much or not enough !

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