Harvey Weinstein is recorded around the clock to prevent his “death” behind bars

The prison authorities do not want another case like that of financier Jeffrey Epstein, who “committed suicide” in his cell.

Harvey Weinstein is reportedly being filmed “non-stop” while in prison in an attempt to avoid injury or death behind bars.

According to TMZ, the disgraced producer, who is currently serving his sentence at New York’s Wende Correctional Facility after being convicted of rape, is “having cameras record his every move.”

A source told the outlet that “a correctional officer is assigned to follow Weinstein anytime he is on the move from the state prison where he is currently serving his sentence,” while “the guard assigned to follow him during the day has a camera over him at eye level ”.

He still faces a number of other lawsuits from alleged victims, as well as additional criminal charges, including rape, in Los Angeles.

Weinstein, who is also appealing his conviction in the Big Apple, maintains that all sexual encounters were consensual.

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