Has Emma Watson had a love affair with Prince Harry?

Emma Watson is very discreet about her private life. There are rumors that the actress has flirted with Prince Harry in the past.

Emma Watson is very discreet about her love stories. The Harry Potter star has had to put an end to some rumors about her relationship with Prince Harry.

Emma Watson, in a relationship in the past with Harry? The actress became known at a very young age in the Harry Potter saga several years ago. She put herself in the shoes of Hermione Granger and was a real success. This allowed her to take off her career and was able to star in many other films thereafter.

During her Harry Potter period, Emma seemed to have a soft spot for Tom Felton. The two actors were very close on the set of the saga and everyone expected to see them together. However, this never really happened and the starlet preferred to stay friends with her.

Emma Watson pays close attention to her image and refuses to highlight her private life. Indeed, being in high demand, she does not want to face the many paparazzi. In fact, the 30-year-old actress seems to have left the film sets and is very discreet.

Nevertheless, she can read many rumors about her. The very last would be that the starlet would have had a story in the past with… Prince Harry! Faced with the enthusiasm of fans, the former Star of Harry Potter decided to put an end to this crazy rumor. It’s also a way for her not to get the wrath of Meghan Markle.


According to the media outlet Woman’s Day Australia, Emma Watson has been in a relationship in the past with Harry. In 2015, the media suggested that the two stars had had an idyll. Meghan Markle’s husband reportedly asked her friends to arrange the blow with Hermione’s interpreter.

In fact, Prince Harry seemed to be under the spell of the actress at the time. Nevertheless, all this would be slander, according to Emma Watson. Indeed, the starlet, who is not used to responding to crazy rumors, has deviated from the rule.

“The world. Remember that little conversation we had about not believing everything that’s written in the media?! She said on Twitter. Thus, according to her, Harry would never have flirted with her and they would never have been in a relationship.

In any case, Prince Harry seems madly in love with Meghan Markle and has eyes only for her. Meanwhile, Emma Watson has reportedly been in a relationship with Leo Robinton, a Californian entrepreneur, for several months. So she has no intention of getting in with Harry and seems very happy as well.

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