He is the new owner of his heart, Kylie Jenner shares Kevin

American businesses and socialite Kylie Jenner has been in love with life and very happy lately, and this time she has shared with her millions of followers who is her new love and the owner of her heart, leaving everyone buried and melting with love.

Let’s remember that for a couple of days Kylie introduced Kevin, her new, super-adorable puppy, who stole the heart of both Kylie Cosmetics owner and her admirers, with such a tender look that she stole more than hundreds of sighs from internet users.

From that moment she has without boasting it, in the stories of her favorite social network and with great pride, revealing that she is more than in love with this beautiful little animal and is that, who would not fall in love with Kevin, it is sweetness.

Just a few hours ago, Stormi’s beautiful mother spent a little of her time sharing a photo collection in which she appears next to her new pet and titled her “Kylie + Kevin,” melting the hearts of her fans, though, we no longer know if they are Fans of Jenner or the adorable puppy.

In the postcards, we can see the younger sister of the Kardashian Jenne clan wearing a short denim short and high waist, a beige top, a splendid sack in grayish tones, dark lenses, purse, and boots to match while carrying in his arms the Italian greyhound puppy, whom Kevin called.

Obviously when on a botanical garden-style walk, the millionaire perfectly combined her outfit with a mouth covering in brown tones, looking totally fabulous and taking care of her health.

These tender entertainment pieces of Kylie’s true love only left his followers arrowed, so within minutes he had already gathered a greater amount of the million red hearts in the app, in fact, up to this point, it takes approximately 6 million likes.


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However, we know perfectly well, (thanks to herself) that handsome Kevin is not Kylie’s only mascot, because around 2017 she decided to adopt a couple of dogs of the same breed whom she named Norman and Bambi, whom she dedicated a couple of her lipsticks to, both of whom are the adoration of the socialite and live in an immense mansion given by her owner.

Later, these two cute dogs gave offspring to the entrepreneur and she could not resist staying with all the puppies they had, what until now is not known if Kevin is offspring of Bambi and Norman, because for a while the young woman does not show her pets, but we cannot deny that he is totally adorable.

Likewise, Kylie Jenner melted the nets last Monday when she introduced the new member of her family, who will be the new companion of her little Stormi, since Kevin came to Kylie’s life we have been seeing them frequently from their stories, but it was not until that day that she finally introduced him formally to her loyal audience.

This new furry baby joins Kylie’s large family of animals, which, according to the last count, included ten more animals: a bunny, a chicken, and eight dogs, before Kevin, Wesley, was the most recent addition to the pet collection, whom he introduced last year.

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