Henry Cavill featured in The Batman ?


Fans of Superman, interpreted by Henry Cavill, a dream to see this in The Batman. Their wish can be fulfilled ?

Then thatHenry Cavill assures that he has no plans to hang up his cape Superman soon, if his fans are hoping to see them appear in the feature film The Batman. MCE tells you more !

See Henry Cavill on the screen ? A true feast for the eyes ! Then, fans of the actor dream only of one thing : that he endorses once again the costume of Superman.

And the wish could come true ! In fact, the star of the series The Witcher, is available on Netflix, seems ready to put on the mantle of super-heroes.

First of all, the beautiful goss is not ready to throw it in the trash his suit. And for good reason, he refused” to abandon [son] role of Superman.” What good news !

So, Henry Cavill would like to reassure his fans : “The cape is in my wardrobe, I’m not giving up this role, there are still a lot of things I would like to offer to Superman. “

However, the american comedian 37-year-old began to make itself wait ! And yes, this is already for three years the latter has not been seen as a super-hero. Will he finish by appear ?

Henry Cavill featured in The Batman with Robert Pattinson 640

Henry Cavill puts an end to the suspense

For some time, a rumor. Henry Cavill may well appear in the feature film The Batman.

Yes, fans of DC Comics would love to find it the sides of Robert Pattinson. Then, negotiations are underway to make them happy…

In fact, they’d like a cameo of Henry Cavill as Superman in this film. If the main question does not seem to be against this idea, it seems not to the taste of the director !

Then, the interpreter of Clark Kent is not going to appear in one of the next versions of the top level in the world of film DC.