Henry Cavill read all the comments of The Witcher !


In an interview with Vanity Fair, Henry Cavill is also known as Geralt explained that he was reading all the comments about the Witcher !

To finish off the year 2019 in the beauty, Netflix has decided to launch a new series. Was The Witcher. And the least we can say is that Henry Cavill has divided the fans. Some are fans, others have not understood anything.

It is only after a couple of episodes of The Witcher fans have been able to understand the rest of the series. Due to this misunderstanding, some have quickly reduced, while others remained in the bottom.

The Witcher has a lot to talk about on social networks. The series has been a success on the web. In fact, this is one of the most the great success of Netflix. The platform has also decided to make a season 2.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Henry Cavill who plays Géralt of Mir has made several confidences. He revealed that he read the good and bad reviews about the series.

Henry Cavill: how do you react to the criticism of The Witcher ?

Henry Cavill loves constructive criticism in The Witcher

Henry Cavill has been entrusted by the topic of The Witcher : “I’m very happy that people love so much the character. I know that there are opinions mixed and I love to read also “.

The actor of the series it has also been added : “For me, it is essential to read this, I’m in all the forums of Reddit. I read all the comments. Some critics do not help. But other they are incredibly useful.

He also explained that : “I take everything and I look forward to more and more to the writing of Andrzej The. For me, this allows you to see, understand, and know how I can to do my job in a better way.

Finally, he concluded : “With the media that they give me, how to soothe people and make them see that I understand of this character, that I love this character so much like them.