Henry Cavill still in the running to don the role of Superman !


Occupied by the series The Witcher released on Netflix, the English actor Henry Cavill would not wish to aside the role that he particularly likes : Superman. Rumors have been circulating about his replacement, but he wants in an interview with Mens’Health, to put things in place. He will not give up the character, and defend it well and nail. Explanations.

Henry Cavill insists on the fact that he is always Superman

Are you a fan of Henry Cavill ? Don’t worry, theEnglish actor Henry Cavill, is well decided to play the new Superman, he has not abandoned the role in Man of Steel to the cinema. The English actor has not been seen in this character for some time, leading to rumors about his potential replacement. It has been seen in the skin of his character in the film Justice League published in 2017.

Henry Cavill will he make the costs of his or her age ? The question remains unresolved. The director of Batman Matt Reeves has chosen to replace Ben Affleck by Robin Pattinson to play the role of Batman. A release planned for next year in 2021. Henry Cavill was the only one not expressed himself on his future with DC. This is now done in an interview given to Mens’ Health. The answer is scathing and without appeal.

He said :

The cape is in my wardrobe. She is always with me. I’m not giving up this role. There are still a lot of things that I would like to offer to Superman. There are still many stories to tell… there is a diving sincere at the heart of the honesty of this character that I want to explore. I want to pay tribute to the comic books. It is important for me. There is a lot of justice to go to Superman. The situation is the following : you’ll see.

Occupied by his role in the series The Witcher, Henry Cavill did not want to leave its place to embody the man of steel. Even if no information has been released about the production of a new Batman, the English actor does not lose hope and intends to defend dearly for its skin in the face of the young guard, who wished to rob him of Superman. Opinion with the amateurs.

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Supergirl pushed back because of Superman ?

The franchise american DCEU must react quickly to try and forget thebitter failure of Justice League. Warner intends to build on Supergirlrumors said that the production of the cousin of Superman was scheduled to start current 2020 but producer Warner would have made a different choice, the one to push this output to focus more specifically on the film Batman.

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It is not known at what point in the film Supergirl was advanced but some rumors suggest that Henry Cavill could have been replaced by another actor the sides of Kara Zor El. The movie Supergirl is not totally abandoned but put on stand-by to allow Henry Cavill to play Superman. Any information that could rejoice at the highest point of these fans. A total stop of the production could be very expensive Warner Bros. In addition to this strategic choice, Supergirl rubs also to the outbreak of coronavirus, which strikes the whole world. Because of this health crisis, the shootings have stopped, the social distance is not possible on the plateau.

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Henry Cavill might be back in the skin of Superman

This report Supergirl could be a sign that shows that Henry Cavill continues his role of Superman. He tries to reassure his fans. While he occupies the main role in the series The Witcher on Netflix, it may still be free to play Superman. In an interview with GamesRadar, it says :

You must keep in mind that regardless of the films that I am required to turn, it is possible to work on two projects in the same year.

Performed by Lauren Schmidt Hissrichthe series The Witcher is a series of fantasy medieval broadcast from December 20, 2019. Henry Cavill plays the role of Geralt of Rivthe hunter of monsters, recognized since the most powerful of its generation. Known as the “White Wolf”, he is interested in money, but he wishes that the moral is an important place in his life. It takes into account each mission to see if he will achieve it or not, it has never prêtè allegiance to a tribe, but only to himself. Immersed in a world 1500 years before the religious books, Henry Cavill exelle in his role of super hero in this series heroic. He explains his character :

A Witcher is a mutant human, he was taken in a place called Kaer Morhen – the school of The Wolf-Witcher – while he was only a young boy abandoned. It has suffered trials alchemical, and has better survived than the average Sorceleurs, becoming a Witcher quite special, and [il a] lived a life quite difficult since.

While the shooting of this series is also disrupted by the outbreak of coronavirus, the fans of Henry Cavill have good reason to believe that he will be the next Superman. To follow !!

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