Henry Cavill strikes a pose for a new photo


The Witcher on Netflix will soon be a reality. After the trailer that can be described allchante, the actor who prtera his features Geralt of Riv returns the weapon to the hand.

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Henry Cavill is beautiful. Henry Cavill is strong. And Henry Cavill will be Geralt of Riv in the first season The Witcher come on Netflix in a few weeks. Many were afraid that the belltre English is not forcment the best choice for the role, especially after the first glimpse of a dguisement pas forcment trs russi.

And then the trailer has rassur and returned a few brains. So, it is watching ds that there is something new. And it is this that has arrived recently. A new photo of the White Wolf has dboul on the Internet. You can the discover in our image gallery below, Cavill has fire pace.

The more observant will note that he grabs her here as pe money which he used to defeat the monsters who need to sleep dfinitivement. It is recalled that, in the novels of Andrzej The, the Witcher uses two blades – the other, to humans, is steel. And unlike what happens in the games, he only wins that one with him on the field. This will be the case for the series, fidle to crits.

Otherwise, I think Henry Cavill is a little agaant.



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