Henry Cavill: who is his new girlfriend Nathalie Viscuso really?

Our colleagues at Explica have just painted a portrait of Henry Cavill’s new sweetheart: Nathalie Viscuso. Find out who it is

Henry Cavill is not only in a relationship with “Lois” when he plays Superman. Indeed, in everyday life, his heart is taken by Nathalie Viscuso. If you are wondering who it is, we will give you the answer.


For many years, the actor has been the most coveted bachelor on the planet. But a few days ago, he made the “buzz” on social media by officially introducing his girlfriend.

Indeed, if you were drooling on Henry Cavill’s muscles, you can still do it, but not too much either. Because you risk attracting the wrath of his new dulcinea. She is not an actress but has an important role in the film industry.

Their meeting? It would have been made on the set of Enola Holmes. Indeed, Nathalie works at Legendary Entertainment. A company that produces many projects for the 7th art. It is thanks to this filming that love would have been born.

Born in New Mexico, she spent much of her teenage years in California. She appeared on an MTV show in 2005. This one entitled “My Super Sweet 16”, where the not-so-ordinary life of teenage girls was presented.

And for the past few days, she and Henry Cavill have been posting complicit photos on social media. Just to let the whole world know that their love is true and that the two no longer let go of a soul.


But before posting pictures on social media, it’s the paparazzi who will reveal this relationship. Indeed, as Explica reports, the two were surprised by the photographers during a romantic walk.

However, it was when Henry Cavill’s new muse posted a cliché of him and him playing chess that the rumors really grew. The beauty, also writing in the caption of the cliché:

“Learning my dear Henry how to play chess… unless he let me win? Some will probably say that it could also be two friends playing a game. But the many other clichés prove otherwise.

Especially since the young woman showed up a few days later with a t-shirt of the rugby team supported by the actor. With all these elements, we can understand that the two share more than a friendly relationship.

It remains to be seen whether Henry Cavill’s fans will accept this relationship or not. But also, if “Lois” will accept that his Superman does not look at her with as much love as before. Of course, it was only a role, but it could still make it sad.

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