her sister Kaili compared to Kylie Jenner !


In the family of Bella Thorne, we ask for the sister, Kaili. On social networks, the latter has been compared to Kylie Jenner…

Do you know Kaili Thorne ? On social networks, fans of Bella Thorne have noticed that it resembled, therefore, to Kylie Jenner…

If you didn’t know, Bella Thorne has a big sister. 27-year-old, the older sister of Bella Thorne is already a star on social networks.

Actress, just like its little sister, Kaili, therefore, has played in several tv series well-known. Among them, we can cite The O. C., the Experts Miami, or even Ice Scream.

On his account Instagram, the sister of Bella Thorne is already followed by nearly 93,000 people. The program on its social networks : photos very sexy.

Like its little sister, Kaili shows that it was not cold in the eyes. Thus, on a slide, the young woman shows sexy without bra.

On the other hand, it unfolds into a mini bikini. You will have understood, the Thorne love to play their charms.

Kaili Thorne, sosie or not sosie ?

Kaili Thorne, sosie or not sosie ?

Kaili Thorne, confused with Kylie Jenner !

On social networks, many of the artists have their look-alikes. Recently, Jennifer Lopez discovered that she had a “twin” coming straight from Texas.

This time, it is the turn of the sister of Bella Thorne to be taken for another. A few days ago, the young woman has received a funny message in your private messages.

On one of them, a user asked intrigued if the young woman was Kylie Jenner. You read that right !

Often copied for her look, the sister of Kendall Jenner has so many look-alikes. The internet user therefore has asked this to Kaili : “Hello, I’m from Russia. Are you Kylie Jenner ? I would like you to come with me to buy a laptop “.

A message that makes you smile the sister of Bella Thorne. Shy or rather flattered by this message, so she decided to show it in his Story, Instagram, all with a grin.