Here is the first gameplay of Minecraft Earth, the Pokémon Go creative


Even though we are fans of Android, we also like the technology and see the innovations that offered by other companies unrelated to this operating system. Without more, yesterday was Apple’s WWDC, an event where they showed the many new features on their software and the new Mac Pro. In the middle of this event, the people of Mojang (developers of Minecraft), appeared on the scene, showing what is the first gameplay Minecraft Eartha game that we told you about a couple of weeks ago.

Mojang showed us a trailer of how it would look like the game, but we all know that in many cases, the final product has ended up being much less ambitious. After having seen a gameplay realwe are confident that this new game will be a great success, at least at the beginning, as it will allow to develop the creativity of the users by augmented reality.

Minecraft Earth will support construction multiplayer

As I discussed in the first article about Minecraft Earth, that this game would allow us to build any thing that we are occurs with the blocks of Minecraft in the place that you want, thanks to virtual reality. Well, yesterday, we were able to see in the Apple event the first gameplay of this game is that even though it’s running on an iPhone, also will come similarly to any other Android phone. Before you comment anything, I leave you a video of the gameplay they showed at WWDC.

In the shows that made the people of Mojang, we could see a small building with several interesting elements, such as mechanisms of redstone, mobs, or mobile objects, such as fireworks or the water. If we play with friends, we will be able to see at all times the tool you are using or what they are building, besides being able to see the name of your user on your phone thanks to the augmented reality. The truth is that this is nothing new, but Mojang showed off one thing that if you surprised us most.

We will build our structures in a size small, as if it was a model they were, but after we will be able to move such a mock-up “to actual size”, as you can see at the end of the video (although short), the model disappears and begins to be constructed the same but on a larger sizeagain, thanks to augmented reality. We are eager to try out Minecraft Earth, although it has not yet been given dates for their launch. Anyway, taking into account that what have shown in this event, it is expected that iOS gets this game before.


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