Hide The Pain Harold explains how he became a meme without realizing it


How do you become an accidentally a meme? It may seem like a trivial question, but in reality behind there is a very interesting story. This is one of Hide The Pain Harold.

In a video posted on the official YouTube channel of BuzzFeedHide The Pain Harold, who in reality it’s called András Arató and is 75 years old, has revealed to be an electrical engineer in hungary, one day he agreed to pose for stock photos.

For those who don’t know, stock images are used, often in return for payment by those who are in need of photos for advertising, articles and much more. For this reason, after posing for the shots, Arató said they had done some research online, just to see who had chosen to use his face. During his search, man has discovered that the images were used for sponsor products of any kind, as well as to recruit staff.

So far so good, but Arató wanted to repeat the search a few months after, so that you can understand how those stock images were doing the rounds in the world. However, at that time the engineer realized that he has become a meme. At the beginning Arató not know how to reactbecause, unfortunately, many there were to “take it around” (when it was good).

The engineer has stated that, for a moment, was going to remove all the images, but then you understand that you could not do. However, after several years, Arató she wanted to try to fix the situation revealing his identity a social network is Russian. This has caused a bit of confusion on the Web, since some people thought that it was not a real person.

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After “the output of the closet” of the engineer, many users have begun to see in a different way that meme and Arató said that people now stop him on the street and that, in the end, this situation was able to bring several new opportunities. For example, the engineer (who has now accepted the figure of Harold The Pain) he has collaborated with Coca-Cola for a commercialhas a manager and is even planning to make a movie.

If you’re wondering, yes: it has a page on the English Wikipedia.

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