his collab’ with Pandora finally revealed !


Millie Bobby Brown is a big success in the series of the strangest Things. The actress has done a beautiful collaboration with Pandora.

Millie Bobby Brown is very popular in the past few years and works with several brands. There is little, she has done a collab with Pandora.

Millie Bobby Brown is known for being very young, in the series of the strangest Things. The actress slips into the skin of Elevena young girl with powers and knows a great success on Netflix.

In addition, fans were eager to see the next season. Until nowthe filming of season 4 has been resumed due to the Covid-19 and the players are waiting.

So, Millie Bobby Brown had the opportunity to expose your brand of cosmetics in Florence by the Mills. The young man of only 16 years of age, but has built a veritable empire. In addition, she wants to be approached by many brands.

There is little, Millie has worked with the brand of Pandora jewelry. She has created jewelry in their image and she is quite proud of the result.

Millie Bobby Brown: your collab
Millie Bobby Brown: your collab

Millie Bobby Brown : his collab with Pandora !

Millie Bobby Brown has had the opportunity to do a collab with Pandora and she was able to create his first jewels. A few months ago, the star is working on this project and it materializes finally. So, this Tuesday,June 30, she unveiled her jewelry, and she seems quite proud of the result.

The actress of the strangest Things has necklaces, bracelets and brooches from the summer collection Pandora. Therefore, they want to be very colorful and we can see some motifs such as palm trees or pineapple.

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I wanted to capture the fun and colors of summer and the beauty of what the sea offers us. I love the story they say that when they are used in combination in various ways “she has said on Instagram.

In any case, the girl has made a beautiful collab and she can be happy. There is No doubt that his fans will many crack and buy gems for the summer.