his “duh” is it protected by copyright ?


Like all artists, Billie Eilish has the right to protection by the copyright law. But is this true for his famous “duh” ?

If Mariah Carey is famous for his “whistle-scream” and Billie Eilish is for ” duh “. But these voice notes will benefit from the protection by the copyright ? ERM you everything !

An artist, a voice signature. In fact, the singers were let go always and do not hesitate to abuse of their vocal cords in order to stand out.

To begin by Pitbull ! In each of its pieces, it always grows his cry usual. You don’t see that ? But if ! It’s going to get back to you…

Well, yes, Mr.Worldwide never forget his famous “EEEEEEEYOOOOOO “. So if you want to shout out in the same manner, it will be necessary to put the hand to your portfolio.

As well, the rapper has made it illegal to use or reproduce his signature without his permission. Moreover, it is not the only artist to protect his trademark !

In short, Billie Eilish also wishes to protect by copyright his irresistible cry of ” duh “. “I’m the bad guy, duh “sings the artist, 18 years of age.

Billie Eilish - his famous duh is it protected by copyright, 640

Billie Eilish is appropriate

In the music of the years 90, it is not uncommon to hear the sound ” duh ” to the end of a sentence. Yes, it still exists trends zany. other…

And even if it had no interest, adolescents 11 to 17 years old enjoy add it after every word. After all, why not ?

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But before Billie Eilish, person had the idea of the drop. That is to say, protect it by copyright.

Then, of course, Billie Eilish refuses to deny it and immediately jumps on the opportunity. In any case, nobody can miss its ” duh “ in its title ” Bad Guy “.

Moreover, other artists are eager to protect his signature as Pitbull and Billie Eilish. Thus, Mariah Carey is also due to its high-pitched whistle, called ” whistle-scream “.

In any case, the diva of american can be sure of : nobody can him bite. After all, to reach five octaves is not within the reach of all…