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Kylie Jenner is literally gaga for his daughter, Stormi ! In social networks, a business woman, has unveiled his new madness to scream his love to his offspring.

On February 1, 2018, the life of Kylie Jenner has totally changed. She became the mother of the lovely Stormi. From this date, it is the madness of love between the mother and the daughter. The a business woman there was no limit to offer the best to their children. House of luxury handbags of price and travel for two, the sister of Kim Kardashian is small care for Stormi.

This time, she made a gesture bling bling to show how her daughter is your first priority.

A love printmaking !

Is in tale to his Instagram that Kylie Jenner has unveiled his new madness this week. Has been recorded the registry Stormi’s Mom (editor’s note : The Mother of Stormi in French) on a plate on the inside of of your Rolls Royceone of their luxury cars. It is what it is ! The elegant engraving shone under the sun, anything to impress their fans.

Kylie Jenner : His gesture of bling bling to show your love to your daughter, Stormi

Once more, sister Kendall Jenner has hit hard and has shown his infinite love for his daughter.


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