his jeans Minnie is the perfection ! (VIDEO)


Kylie Jenner just posted a video where it shows are new jean Minnie ! A piece that people have literally loved it !

Kylie Jenner does not lack of style ! In effect, the young woman just posted a video of his new jean Gucci ! MCE TV tells you more !

At Disney for 2 years of her daughter, Kylie Jenner got dressed accordingly ! In fact, the star has made her more beautiful jean Minnie ! A piece signed Gucci, with a value of 780 euros ! A high waist pants and cup mom very trend that people have literally loved it !

In fact, after having posted the video of his john in his story, several accounts of fans have reposted the video ! And the least we can say is that fans of Kylie weren’t stingy with compliments to their personality and favorite ! In the meantime, we’ll let you discover the video in question below !

Kylie Jenner : her jean Minnie sensation

Kylie Jenner at the usual post look of the day on Instagram. Either in story, or on its feed, the beautiful brunette shares all of his styles with his millions of followers ! Sexy, comfortable, streetwear…. The business woman will never be a lack of idea ! Today, Bella has decided to grant its held at Disney since the young woman is wearing a jean with the character Minnie embroidered on the back pocket !

Internet users are therefore likely to have validated this look ! In fact, they are many to have commented on the video of Kylie Jenner ! “Too beautiful ! The jean is too beautiful and it goes you super well, “” But it is too beautiful this john Disney, I want the same“There was that Kylie to wear trousers Minnie with so much style ! “ Can we as well read on the web ! Messages which cannot fail to give pleasure to the mother of Stormi !

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